We often receive volunteers here as there are so many projects to realise, things to do for which we always appreciate a helping hand.

We are also passionate travellers who understand how you can explore the world better, for a longer period and with a smaller budget, by working a few hours per day for accommodation and food in exchange . We love to get to know new people who can add something special to our place.


We enjoy to see how people change here, how they gain confidence by trying something new and build a real sense of achievement. Some of the things you can learn: baking your own bread,  maintaining a farm, cultivating an organic garden, preserving nature, working with wood, sustainable life tips…


By helping out here, you can try something different, achieve personal goals, practice your skills and discover hidden talents in a remote environment.

How to apply?

We welcome enquires from all over the world.

Please do get in touch by using these 3 volunteering sites:

  1. https://www.workaway.info/723148756574-en.html
  2. https://wwoofindependents.org/user/430253
  3. http://www.helpx.net/host.asp?hostID=35603&network=9


We have had over 18 volunteers from 2017 September and about 10 inquires / day, only positive feedbacks so it has been very busy & successful for us!

Some of our feedbacks :

Feedback from Eva (Slovakia) & Marco (Italy)


Feedback from Raphael (Columbia)
Feedback from Gerardo & Valentina (Chile)