The beating wings of the hummingbirds

There are many elements which makes this place so peaceful , one of them are the birds !
With their constant singing, chattering, they add the natural music background to our life, they appear everywhere from the kitchen window to the top of the trees, hopping under the bushes , flying across the clouds.
We have many parrot nests (they are bright green ) and right next to them a falcons couples nest. Owls, eagles, red headed birds, super fast vivid blue hummingbirds are just a few of the varieties which amazes us here.

Thanks for Cecilia (falcon pic), Nelly (eagle pic) and mom (humming bird) for the photos.


The reward of nature

In only one month, almost all flowers have blossomed, showing their unique colours which dressed our surrounding perfectly. At the same time the garden is already providing us vegetables and fruits with full of energy and a lot of taste , now it’s the season for sweet blackberries, crunchy carrots & healthy strong radish , and it’s only the beginning!

Santa Lucia River

Since we arrived, the level and the current of the Santa Lucia river has changed so much. The sensation of looking at it however have not changed at all, it is absolutely the best feeling to be able to walk here every morning from your house in four minutes. A month ago the water came up until the middle of the trees, in 3 days it dropped down 8 meters , leaving us nice sandy beaches. We also have now our fishing spot ready which we tested yesterday at sunset!

Preparation of the organic garden 1.

Our progress with the organic garden in such a short time! It takes a lot of work and time to prepare the best soil and perfect beds for the seeds .

We are making larger garden beds and smaller walking path to maximise the amount of veggies and plants.

Our garlics are out coming out already  & we have rocket / ruccola too, many more to come !!!

Our first helpers!

We are so lucky to have met Valentina and Gerardo in this September, they have amazing characters, they come up with so many new ideas – making this place better and better every day!

This lovely couple from Chile joined us shortly after our arrival, it is incredible how quickly they become part of our family! They will be staying with us for two more weeks and we are already planning their part of our project in the future!