Homemade gnocchi

Making your own gnocchi from fresh, simple ingredients (🍠+🥚) is very rewarding.

It’s a bit tricky towards the end but once you get the technique, you just roll with it !


Bon provecho🍴

Chicks and chickens

After building the new chickens house, we locally sourced (from an ‘auction’ in the fields) 6 chickens and 4 chicks. We never imagined that they would have such characters , vibrating colours and impressive hierarchy . Because of the cold they have only started to lay eggs 2 days ago, we were like excited kids at Easter looking for new ones every minute! With them, and the cows and a horse which are staying here for the winter, we feel our real farm life has started !35846504_222708671792864_2349659827480821760_o.jpg

Feijoa /Pineapple guava harvest & chutney

We are blessed to have 2 Feijoa trees from which we harvested 7 kg of fruits lately. This fruit has a very aromatic taste, a mixture of mango & pineapple & mint, but every person feels some extra flavour in it . We decided to make our first chutney pot from these delicious, precious green vitamin bombs.

We scooped out the pulp with a spoon, mixed them with plenty of apples, onions, lots of  secret spices and cooked for about 8 hours . We can proudly say that the result is delightful!

Ongoing projects

We have been busy bees in the last months, on the top of our daily routine in the garden, on the property, our main projects were :

  • Small garden cottage renovation
  • Planting trees
  • Chicken house creation

With a help of our ‘tree specialist’ friend, we planted 20 cherry blossom trees, 20 walnut trees and 10 oak trees so far, but there are many more to come! Before Easter we also managed to make our small garden cottage pretty & ready for our family, the chicken house is still under work and we can’t wait to see it ready!




Bamboo furnitures

Whenever my sister, Veronika is here, she spends most of her time building some amazing furniture from bamboo. So far she has made some bathroom shelves, a bench, trays… she is unstoppable and we seriously think that she was born to make this !


Organic garden 2.

I really wanted to capture day by day our garden, to follow how everything grows, flowers but the last thing I take there is my phone.. So which ones are ready now to eat and how do we use them?
Rucola: the leaves are huge now, we will pick all of them this morning and prepare a rucola pesto which can be preserved for long. They also go well on pizzas, salads, with parmesan cheese of course!
We prepare lots of salads, we have dark purple, green and curly leaved ones and they never seem to get less and less…
Beetroots  – which are used to make pickled beetroot or with vinegar sauce for fresh salad.
Carrots (some of them have two legs, looking like a dancing ballerina), fat radish – we made radish butter with herbs, between these rows some persil, dill standing proudly.

Some more spicy herbs:
Basil, loads of basil & mint! , thyme, lemongrass, lavender, rosemary…  these are the essence for cooking, soups, teas, sauces, and smoothies!
We can’t wait the tomatoes to become red, in a couple of days we will be able to taste them!