Organic garden 2.

I really wanted to capture day by day our garden, to follow how everything grows, flowers but the last thing I take there is my phone.. So which ones are ready now to eat and how do we use them?
Rucola: the leaves are huge now, we will pick all of them this morning and prepare a rucola pesto which can be preserved for long. They also go well on pizzas, salads, with parmesan cheese of course!
We prepare lots of salads, we have dark purple, green and curly leaved ones and they never seem to get less and less…
Beetroots  – which are used to make pickled beetroot or with vinegar sauce for fresh salad.
Carrots (some of them have two legs, looking like a dancing ballerina), fat radish – we made radish butter with herbs, between these rows some persil, dill standing proudly.

Some more spicy herbs:
Basil, loads of basil & mint! , thyme, lemongrass, lavender, rosemary…  these are the essence for cooking, soups, teas, sauces, and smoothies!
We can’t wait the tomatoes to become red, in a couple of days we will be able to taste them!