Cramer’s eighty-eight

The Cramer’s eighty-eight, is a gorgeous butterfly 🦋 which we find close to the riverside.
The underside is red and white with black stripes that look like an outlined number “89” or “80” or “98”.

Sweet Sunsets

The stunning beauty of the setting sun always convinces us to finish the day and take a break. Each day is different – just like each sunset , which here is a kind of reward for all the work you have done during that day.


Cardenal de copete Rojo

We were so lucky to host ‘uncle Gordon’ here for a week. He is very humble so we have to say it out loud : he does incredibly beautiful, astonishing photos , especially of birds! We will share some now, the ones of the Cardenal Rojo , which is not only pleasant for the eyes but for the ears too, it has a beautiful singing voice.


We believe that your dreams CAN come true , the living example is ‘Pavarotti’, our peacock , who has been with us since Christmas.
We have been dreaming to have one and after a lot of research he found THE one.
He is still young , extremely interested in the hens and he is doing more and more weird sounds, from honking to wild cat and shouting! He loves fruits , people’s company and super curious about everything.

Hopefully he will have a partner soon !

Homemade gnocchi

Making your own gnocchi from fresh, simple ingredients (🍠+🥚) is very rewarding.

It’s a bit tricky towards the end but once you get the technique, you just roll with it !


Bon provecho🍴

Chicks and chickens

After building the new chickens house, we locally sourced (from an ‘auction’ in the fields) 6 chickens and 4 chicks. We never imagined that they would have such characters , vibrating colours and impressive hierarchy . Because of the cold they have only started to lay eggs 2 days ago, we were like excited kids at Easter looking for new ones every minute! With them, and the cows and a horse which are staying here for the winter, we feel our real farm life has started !35846504_222708671792864_2349659827480821760_o.jpg

Feijoa /Pineapple guava harvest & chutney

We are blessed to have 2 Feijoa trees from which we harvested 7 kg of fruits lately. This fruit has a very aromatic taste, a mixture of mango & pineapple & mint, but every person feels some extra flavour in it . We decided to make our first chutney pot from these delicious, precious green vitamin bombs.

We scooped out the pulp with a spoon, mixed them with plenty of apples, onions, lots of  secret spices and cooked for about 8 hours . We can proudly say that the result is delightful!